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APDA The 3rd APDA Roundtable Meeting

16 February 2024, Tokyo, Japan

On 16 February, the 3rd APDA Roundtable Meeting took place, having Dr. Hasegawa Mariko, Chair of Japan Arts Council, as a guest speaker. Under the theme of “The Great Failure of the 20th Century Civilization: Division between Work and Housework/Childcare”, Dr. Hasegawa first explained that the human (Homo sapiens) life has undergone drastic changes anthropologically and biologically after millions of years of hunting and gathering, followed by a period of agriculture, cattle raising, and settlement beginning 10,000 years ago. She further mentioned that since the Industrial Revolution of the 1850s, the money economy has permeated the society, and especially throughout the 20th century, the industrialization, urbanization, and trend toward nuclear families entrenched hierarchical relationship in which the one who earns money is superior, and division between the workplace and home. Originally, however, humans have evolved in a lifestyle in which many people other than parents (including relatives and non-relatives) jointly raised children. In order to return to the natural human state of having both women and men equally involved in housework, childcare, and work, it is necessary to completely remove the “20th century division paradigm” and address various challenges.

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