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APDA Online Session on National Transfer Accounts (NTA)

11 October 2022, Online

On 11 October, the Asian Population and Development Association (APDA) and UNFPA Asia and the Pacific Regional Office (APRO) co-hosted a special online session on National Transfer Accounts (NTA), For Every Age: Intergenerational Economy – Dialogue with Asian Parliamentarians. Presentations were made by distinguished experts and an incumbent Minister, followed by lively discussions among participants. The special session was organized as part of UNFPA APRO’s NTA Regional Training targeted at policy planners and practitioners and was attended by approximately 35 online participants (parliamentarians, officers of National Committees on Population and Development, UN experts and so forth), along with more than 60 NTA Regional Training participants who were in attendance at the venue in Bangkok, Thailand.

NTA is a useful analysis tool to study how changes in the age structure of the population and income distribution processes between generations affect society and economy. This is of great use for developing strategies to adapt to population ageing. -Dr. Sang-Hyop Lee, Professor at the University of Hawaii and Senior Fellow at the East-West Center

The change towards supporting a more elderly population requires early investment and enhanced labor productivity through a multi-sectoral approach, including capital investment in children, encouraging savings among the working-age population, and finding opportunities for women in business leadership roles. - H.E. Aishath Mohamed Didi, Minister of Gender, Family, and Social Services of the Maldives

In the case of Japan, the income generated by additional elderly workers could correspond to 3.2% to 6% of Japan’s real GDP. Such elderly workforce could be assisted by technology – artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. - Prof. Rikiya Matsukura, Nihon University

Ageing and climate change challenges remain and must be planned for. - Mr. Eduardo Klein, Regional Representative of HelpAge International (Moderator)

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Online Session on National Transfer Accounts (NTA)

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